After 17 years of distributing films as RS Entertainment, Ron Rodgers and Randy Slaughter are proud to announce the creation of Rocky Mountain Pictures. RSE was created for the purpose of delivering independent film to the U.S. Theatrical Marketplace and has released in excess of 120 theatrical titles representing dozens of independent filmmakers. Rocky Mountain Pictures plans to continue delivering quality motion pictures to theaters throughout North America.

We consider ourselves a “distributor for hire” who acts as a liaison between the independent producer/distributor and the exhibitors. This form of distribution figures more and more prominently with the independent producer/distributors, as they are often not satisfied with the results of their profit participation when dealing with the major studios. Our long-term relationships and experience with exhibitors guarantees a most professional and box office oriented release of a motion picture. We operate under the same criteria as major studio and have the same access to the best first run theatres in the country, but at a more cost effective way of doing business.

The principal partners in Rocky Mountain Pictures are Ron Rodgers and Randy Slaughter. They each have over 40 years of theatrical distribution and marketing experience having previously served in executive positions with some of the largest and most profitable independent production and distribution companies in the U.S.

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